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Transfer iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S Data to PC

How Can I Transfer iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S Data to My PC

As more and more people are using iPhone, keeping data from losing becomes a widespread and universal demand. From my perspective, in case of iPhone data loss, you can choose to transfer data on iPhone to computer as backup and conveniently for you to transfer them to other devices. Here, I will share two ways about how to transfer data from iPhone5S/5C/5/4S to computer.

1. How to Transfer Everything from your iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S to a Computer via iTunes

The first way that you can transfer iPhone files to PC is via iTunes. What you need to do is backup your iPhone with iTunes. Following is the detailed guide to sync iPhone data to PC free.

Note: If you use iTunes to transfer data from iPhone to PC, the files and music that you transferred to computer are unreadable; besides, you must transfer all data on your iPhone to PC, including the items that you don’t want to transfer. Hope to browse and choose part of the files and music transferred to PC? Move to iPhone 5 Transfer introduced in method 2.

2. How to Transfer Data from iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S to PC via Third-party Software

Compared with iTunes, transferring iPhones data to PC via a professional program is quite a good choice. Here I would like to introduce you iPhone 5 Transfer , a popular and prestigious program throughout the world. Let’s go through what you can do with iPhone 5 Transfer at first:

After getting an over-all understanding about this software, now you can follow the steps below for iPhone to PC transfer:

Now the two ways to transfer iPhone data to PC have been displayed here. You can choose any one you like to transfer. But according to my experience in both of two ways, I strongly favor customized iPhone 5 Transfer.

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